"Your Health Matters" was born from my personal journey. You see it, you hear it, BUT, never think it will happen to you right. In 2011 it DID happen to me...I found myself sitting in my car after being hit from the side with another vehicle, spinning twice, rolling over once, landing on all four wheels, in shock, giving God thanks that my friend and I were alive.

A mother and child came up to our window and ask to pray over us, an EMT just getting off work, seen our accident and pulled over to make sure we were ok and to keep us calm until the ambulance arrived, the EMT's helped us out of my car, I called my husband, still in shock, letting him know I was on my way to the hospital

I worked a full time job, my husband and I and our family went camping, traveled to see family and that all changed.

After my accident, going through physical therapy, and more test, I was told I had three cerival hernia disc, and more...to STOP what I was doing and I had to go through more thearpy....I was not able to work, go camping, and more, had to stop all our activities to recover.

I did not handle that well...I did the therapy, but I also went into a depression of doing nothing, but sitting on the couch, eating and drinking junk food for 2 years.....What Was I Thinking!!

I had got to the point that I was running out of breath just going across the room, falling asleep when company came over, (talk about embarrassing) I finally really seen myself and did not like it at all...

I started searching for a natural healthy program that I knew I could live with, so I started searching on my computer and came across Herbalife and I remembered my mother-n-law had taken Herbalife Supplements 30 years before, so I went to the Herbalife Website, read about it, loved what I learned about the company and products and signed up right then and started.

After I started, I also learned I could help others and earn an extra income on the side...and I love helping others.

I'm now down over 232lbs, still losing, feel Amazing, no longer out of breath going across the room, no longer falling asleep when company comes over...and my husband is so thankful to have his active wife back.

Have you ever found yourself at a point in life where you realize that your health is not where you would like it to be? Do you find yourself searching and asking yourself how will you find the right plan for you and then have the mindset to follow through?


What is your Why? I wanted to lose my weight, be more active and have fun with my family and friends!

The "WHY" is different for everyone.

Your reason might be to lose weight, lose some inches, get toned or just start your day with a healthy breakfast.

Here at "Your Health Matters"  We help YOU reach your Goals!

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After much searching I found the complete program for me. I was ready to lose over 400lbs …have more energy and Let my Health Matter. I wasn’t just Fat. I was OBSESSED!


  • As Your Coach I will work with you on your Nutrition Plan and design your Customized Meal Nutritional Plan
  • You'll learn how important Protein is to your Nutrition Plan and how it will help your body throughout the day and with your weight loss success
  • You'll  Learned how to adjust fitness workouts so you can do them around any limitations you may have
  • You'll learned how our online community will give you support, encouragement, praise, recogination, recipes and more cheering you on.

You can reach your goals at any age and whether you are going through menopause, student, work full time, part time, mom, single, retired, you can reach your Goals and have the support.

The Challenges you go through will inspire and encourage someone else to overcome and know they will Succeed.

Enjoy my "FREE" Guide '5 Steps To Putting Your Goals Into Action and to a Path of Success!'



As a Wellness Coach, I get to share my experiences and that of my clients and friends with others every day!

I’m so thankful we have met and that you have had an opportunity to get to know a little about me! Let me know if I can help you on your Journey to a Healthier, Active Lifestyle.

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Hopefully you’ve taken a minute to pop over to my about page to get to know who I am!

As a Wellness Coach, it’s really important for me to get to know something about you too!

What I do for you is simple!

Making changes to live a Healthier, Active Lifestyle is personal and big step. And, while certain things are good for us all (proper nutrition, healthy eating, moderate exercise, etc.) how those apply to You is based on:

  • Your Goals
  • Your Challenges
  • What has worked for your before and why
  • What has NOT worked for you before and why

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I'm reaching my Goals with my healthy lifestyle goals by "Trusting the Process" following my program my Coach has designed for me and her Amazing Support.

My client succeeds BECAUSE I have ove 6 years of experience creating Customized Programs and supporting each person based on her/his goals and needs!

  • I will provide you with your Customized Program and the steps you need to succeed and maintain your success!
  • I will provide you with the support, encouragement, guidance, learning, you will need in your lifestyle plan
  • I will provide you with the tools to Love Your body, Mind and Soul.
  • I will be available to you by FB, Messenger, phone (call or text)

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Let me first give you some insight to THE most important part of what you will experience…our community!

I have teamed up with a small, handpicked group of coaches who share my philosophy.

Together we have built a private online community available go you FREE, 24/7 and that supports our individual efforts as Personal Wellness Coaches

Four Great examples of our online community presence are our Fit & Fab FB Community, our "Your Health Matters" Private Group Community, 'Your Health Matters' Online Walking Club and our Online Total Fit Camp

Our tremendous groups are where you’ll become friends with all of us! Most people are putting better fuel in their cars than they do their bodies and wonder why they are breaking down in their 50’s, 40’s, and even 30’s.

Our focus here is based around long term health. We combine nutritional supplements with our Programs. We provide fun challenges to keep you engaged with your goals.

We host chats and short live educational videos to help build friendships and support among our members and to keep current on health topics relevant to them.

All online so that its accessible to you whenever and wherever you are 24/7, coast to coast.

Are you Ready? Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Take my 60 second Wellness Survey. Here I will learn a bit about your goals and focus and you will see how your health matches up with the rest of the country. Access by clicking the button below